The band is versatile and can bring that special sparkle to a party or underline your aims when you are putting on a show or corporate event.

We have years of experience playing at weddings - during the reception, at drinks or when it is time for dancing the night away!.

The duo (Latin trio or quartet) is ideal for that special touch of a ‘serenade’ for your loved one. Traditionally the musicians arrive un-announced under the balcony of your dearest and play one or more ‘boleros’.

Some of the Latin musical styles included in our extensive repertoire: Bolero, Son Cubano, Traditional and modern Cumbia, Merengue, Cha-cha-cha, Balada, Bossa nova, Tango, Ranchera, Mexican Corrido. A few more traditional and less well known rhythms like the Colombian Currulao.

Please contact us if you would like a comprehensive list of tunes or let us know if there is a song from the Latin American repertoire which you would like us to play at your event.

You can listen to the duo in the Audio samples page. There is examples of: Bossanova, Cuban Son, Currulao, Merengue and Cha-cha-cha.


So what is it that makes Tropical/Latin music such a different and interesting musical style, and so suitable for parties and celebrations?

We think the secret is its power to transport the listener to an ‘exotic world’.

Described as “attractive or striking because colourful or out of the ordinary” the exotic element of Tropical Music is obvious. All the musical styles in Latin America and the Carebbean originate from a rich mixture of African elements (Rhythm, instrumentation, religion, thematics) with indigenous (native people of the Americas before the European colonisation) and European elements (again, their own instrumentation, themes and styles).

A very interesting overview of the development and current condition of the musics of the African diaspora can be found in the Afropop Worldwide website. And for a sample of how this musics can be adapted to the issues of the modern world, have a listen to the simple compositions (loosely based on traditional rhythms) of JC Arenas: Cumbianation.


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“I wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed you playing at our party in Winchester (back in August).

We absolutely loved it and some of our guests thought we'd brought you over directly from Mexico... (and those were actually LatinAmerican guests, who thought that”

Thomas and Sofie van der Veen

“Many thanks the event went really well. Los Musicos arrived 20 minutes earlier than expected, were really friendly and well organised.  The music was excellent and everyone at the party commented on how good they were. 

I would certainly recommend the band again as the whole process was extremely painless and ultimately very rewarding”

Campbell Ross-Bain

Los Musicos

Tropical Music

Latin and Tropical music styles

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